Monday, October 1, 2012

PSA: Cybils Voting Now Open!

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Hey gang: it's time!  Think long and hard about your favorite books (published specifically for kids or young adults) with publication dates between Oct. 16, 2011 and Oct. 15, 2012.  Know your choices?  GREAT.  Now go nominate them for Cybils awards!  You only get to nominate ONE title per category.  A book only needs to be nominated ONCE in order to be eligible for the award (and yes, the hardy, tenacious first round judges WILL be looking at EVERY nominated title!).

What's been nominated so far?  Here's the YA Fiction List, the Fantasy/Sci-Fi List (separated by MG/YA), and the MG Fiction List.  You can check out all the lists of what's been nominated in the right-hand sidebar of the main Cybils website, and I encourage you to nominate in any category you're interested in (a list of categories and their descriptions can be found here.)  But I especially encourage you to nominate something awesome in the YA Fiction category, because that's where I'll be a second-round judge!  The amazing, hard-working first round judges need some really, really fantastic books to read (ok, maybe that makes their jobs harder, but at least they should get to have some fun) before they create a shortlist and pass that along to my fellow round two judges and me!

In summation:
  • Cybils nominations are open now through 10/15.
  • Eligible books are published specifically for kids and teens between Oct. 16, 2011 and Oct. 15, 2012.
  • You may nominate ONE book in each category.
  • Each book only needs ONE nomination, so don't re-nominate something that's already on the list!
  • Make. Good. Choices.

Thanks, everyone!  Remember, you don't get to complain about your favorite book losing if you don't nominate it!  ;-)


  1. Just went and checked out the nominations and a number of the ones I would have chosen have already been nominated. Lots of people with good taste in books! ;P

    1. Definitely! I'm a little concerned about all the books coming out in the next week or two--some really exciting titles that I'm afraid people won't have time to read! I'm holding off till closer to the end so I can try and get a few more books read and so I can see what other folks nominated (rather than rush to nominate a title that I know someone would put up anyway).

  2. Thanks for telling us about this. I wouldn't have known otherwise about it.

    1. Yay! I can't wait to see the whole lists...pick something great!


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