Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stay Tuned Sunday

Hey y'all: reviews tomorrow.  I'm going to be changing my schedule up a bit, so, like the title says, stay tuned!

I do want to congratulate my old employers, Dodger Properties, on Matilda: The Musical's four Tony wins (and Tony Honor, for the very young leading ladies!)  The show looks fantastic and I'm so excited for everyone I used to work with in the producer's office (I'm sure there is no greater place to run errands and do data entry!  Thanks for the best internship ever!)

Love. Him.  I was genuinely tongue-tied when this happened--he was so good in Assassins.  And Cabaret--I saw him as the Emcee on my first-ever trip to NYC without adults. 
In parting, I leave you with my favorite video from the entire internet: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tommy Kail working backstage to write Neil Patrick Harris's closing number from the Tonys a few years ago.  West Wing references, some of my biggest show business crushes (you guys.  Tommy Kail.  I can't even.  I met him a few years ago, on a field trip with my students, and he was the sweetest.  And of course, NPH--the first celebrity I ever met.  See above.  Maybe someday I'll meet LMM and complete the trio) and nerdy theater rap?  HEAVEN.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love NPH!!! So envious right now. I had no idea that you'd met him before. :D

    1. Hah, I think after a while I stopped talking about it altogether because for the first, like, year after I met him, I talked about nothing else and people got sick of it! He's so dreamy. My mom kept that picture on our fridge WELL into my relationship with Mike--I finally made her put up a picture of me and Mike but rather than replace the NPH one, she just stuck our picture in front of it! ("Just in case", I guess...)


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