Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Awesome Alert!

Just a quick pop-in to share the book trailer for Maggie Stiefvater's upcoming The Raven Boys.

She made that, you guys. She made the book, and then she made that. Is there anything she can't do?

Anyway, you can also read the first two chapters here.  When they were released, I let go of a lot of my anxiety about this book.  As you may or may not have picked up, I loved The Scorpio Races a lot.  Like...a lot, a lot.  So I was a bit nervous that I couldn't ever love another book by The Fabulous Maggie* as much as I am hoping/expecting to after reading that one.  (I still haven't gotten to Shiver and company, probably out of a similar anxiety.  But I'm thinking maybe this week, in celebration of this trailer.)  But reading the first chapters here reminded me that even if there aren't horses, there's still all that fabulous storytelling that I loved.

And what spurred me to break my blog sabbatical and post on a Wednesday?  Well, Ms. Stiefvater is running a giveaway of some ARCs, so, duh.  (But, um, all you're required to do is post the trailer.  I do tend to get carried away.)

*Does anyone else get wonky about what to call authors?  Especially very current authors with web presences?  I teach my students that you never never never casually refer to an author by first name, but saying "Stiefvater is crazy awesome" or "Mafi writes the way I think" or "Hubbard made me want to visit Central America even though I loathe heat and bugs" just feels clunky.  And using first and last all the time is weird.  So maybe I'll just compensate by making up titles for the authors I write about most.


  1. Hey, I call Veronica Roth 'VRoth', so knock yourself out with The Fabulous Maggie. :) I have SHIVER and LINGER collecting dust on my TBR shelf right now. I know, I suck. And my bookmark is still wedged halfway through THE SCORPIO RACES. Again with the sucking. I think maybe I should finish that book already given the fact that I started it for the YA Book Club ages ago. O_o

    1. I think part of what I love about her writing is how distinctly HER it is...which may just be a style that isn't what you dig. Or maybe you will like her werewolves (oh man, I'm so over werewolves but I so want to read those books) better than her demon horses? Who knows :)

  2. Awesome trailer! Now I'm totally excited to read that.


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