Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awesome Alert: YA Highway 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

You guys.  Do you like books?  (If did you get here?!?)  I thought so. 

Run, don't walk, to YA Highway's 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!  I don't know why WE get the chance to win such awesome prizes for THEIR birthday...but frankly, I'm ok with that confusion.  Because the prizes are that great.  SO MANY ARCS.  Also books.  And critiques.  And the grand prize is your choice of  a Nook or Kindle. 

But since it's their birthday, I thought I'd also use this post to celebrate them a little bit.  After all, they do bring us together as a community with features like Road Trip Wednesday and the YA Highway Bookmobile!  They offer all kinds of tips for writers: practical ones like this article about how to ALWAYS back up your work, craft-related ones, like this article that gives Four Steps to Nailing Your Character's Voice, and then ones that will help you become not just a better writer, but frankly, a better citizen of this planet, like this fantastic article about how to speak to people about the ways in which they are different from you.   And on top of all that, they serve up a weekly digest of  everything interesting that has happened on THE ENTIRE REST OF THE INTERNET every Friday. 

So, here's to many happy returns, YA Highway!  Thanks for all the hard work--it's definitely appreciated by your fellow YA bloggers!

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