Monday, July 2, 2012

Great Expectations

It's summer--and you know what that means!  Time for some great beach reads!

There is a box of books hurtling towards me as we speak (by LASERSHIP, which is the coolest name for any kind of shipping ever, and which I will totally miss when I leave Manhattan, because it gets B&N orders to me in like a DAY):

Now, you may be thinking, hey--one of these things is not like the other!  And, ok, SURE, I guess you're right.  But I'm pretty psyched for all three.  I mentioned before that I'm reading Great Expectations with a few of my students this summer, and I did in fact set up a blog for my notes.  I'm hoping to get some other contributors--I'd love for my students to contribute, but it IS their summer vacation and they ARE already reading a Dickens novel for fun, so I think they've already earned their readerly "cred" for the summer.  If anyone wants to follow along and share thoughts in the comments, awesome; if anyone wants to guest-post, awesomer.

You can find the blog here:
Great Expectations Readalong

But I'll still be blogging and reviewing here.  This is just a little internet experiment, so if it's not your thing...then, carry on!  Nothing to see here!


  1. I'm seriously considering joining you in the Great Expectations reading. A chapter a day is totally manageable! :D

    1. Definitely manageable! Some of the chapters are super-short. Two chapters in, and I'm already remembering why I loved this book in college. I remember a beloved high school teacher telling me how funny Dickens was, and I remember thinking he was CRAZY--but reading it now, I actually think it's pretty hilarious.

  2. I'll be interested to see what you guys think. Great Expectations is one of only a several Dickens novels I've read. Like most books I read, I don't remember much...except that the last page made the entire thing worth it. At least, that is the impression I seem to remember having. :)

    1. I remember the book making me gasp, out loud, in my dorm room. I tend not to remember a lot about plot, but I do remember really enjoying it. I'm excited to read it through the new lens of helping my students to get what makes it a good read.


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