Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Love: Non-Book Edition

Ok, well, this is a little bit about a book.  I'm still reading the excellent At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson--adult non-fiction just doesn't go as fast as YA fiction, even when it's as compulsively readable as this one is.  So, in lieu of a book review this week:

Here's a link to Target's website, where anyone interested in buying their very own waffle chair may do so!  You may recall this chair from the pictures I posted of my office recently--since so many people commented on it, and it finally went up on the Target website, I thought I'd share!  I just bought two more, actually--they're so lovely and convenient.  They fold up flat, so you can stick them under the bed or in a closet, but they're really comfortable so you may want to find permanent homes for them.  I think I mentioned that I'm not usually a fan of funky/foldable chairs like this--I want to be, but I am long-limbed and not particularly flexible, so they usually don't work for me.  This one, I could sit in all day.  Love it. 

(Disclaimer: I bought and paid for all three of these chairs myself; I am not receiving anything from Target or anyone else to write about these chairs, nor will I receive anything if you choose to purchase one.  I just really like this chair and since people seemed interested, I wanted to share.)


  1. You temptress, you! :P This looks really comfy and it actually matches my office. Hmm...might have to consider getting one.

  2. We were just at Target the other day and saw a variation on this chair. Such a cool and convenient idea!


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