Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Getting Serious Edition

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What I'm Reading

I am in the weirdest of all states: between books!  I finished off my Little Women project yesterday, and haven't picked up a new book yet.  I did just start beta-ing a really exciting MS, though.


What I'm Writing

I did pretty well last week, meeting goals and even hitting my challenge goal once or twice.  Monday I spent doing some necessary legal research that helped me pin down the details of how my story will end.  And yesterday...well, I wrote MAYBE 100 words...and then started a new project entirely.  Sigh.  (But I wrote almost 1K on that project without batting an eye!)  Turns out I hate writing endings.  But it's gotta that's my goal for this week.  Finish this MS!!!  

What Else I've Been Up To
This weekend we had the first of a couple celebrations of my father-in-law's 60th birthday.  Most of the family went kayaking while  I sat in a lovely park and read/babysat the picnic stuff, and then we had a great homemade lunch by the water (fun fact: Buffalo is a waterfront city!) and later went out to dinner. 

Now that August is TOMORROW, I'm also starting to kick into high gear with school stuff.  I think I may be slowing down my creative projects soon in favor of some heavy-duty planning.

What Inspires Me Right Now  
The new project I started yesterday!  It's the treat I get to work on if I get a decent amount done on my real WiP.

What's up with you?


  1. While I feel your story ending pain, I'm also kind of excited for you about this new project. Definitely feel free to send any of that off to me whenever you feel like it. I've sent you chunks of three different stories over the past couple of months, so feel free to do the same! New projects are so much fun. :-) Research days are a necessary evil (though "evil" might be the wrong word because they can also be kind of fun). I've had to step back and do that a time or twenty as well.

    I still need to see Buffalo sometime. I love waterfront cities and Buffalo sounds great. And I can't believe tomorrow's August already. Ughhhhh. Our heat actually had the gall to come on yesterday. I mean, seriously?! Not ready for cooler weather just yet. :/

    Have a great week, Jess! :-)

  2. Ohmigosh it is August tomorrow. Eep!

    Best of luck finishing your MS this week!

  3. I love treating yourself with working on a new project, something allowing myself to work on other things makes me even more dedicated in the end to finish my WIP :) Good luck with your writing goals & have a wonderful week!

  4. Avoid the shining new idea. You are so close, finish your old project first. I know it's always existing to crank out high word counts, but having a whole bunch of unfinished projects is never exciting. You can do it. I know you can. Just try to remember why you fell in love with THIS story, don't start falling in love with a new one, yet.

  5. I love those stories that act as rewards! I have a new story brewing that I think will act as that for me come fall. :) And good luck planning the new school year! I always enjoyed that part, despite dreading my summer's end. Have fun!

  6. Congrats on reaching your goal for the week. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Isn't the stuff you end up researching crazy? Legal research sounds tricky. For me it was behavioral genetics this week, which sounds a lot scary than it actually was, thank goodness.

    That's so exciting you started a new project! I love that it's your reward for working on your other WIP. Kind of like dessert after the main course. Good luck with both this week, especially capping off your main WIP! I'm sure it'll be awesome once you work out the details!

  8. Eeek... endings! I don't much like writing them either. It's not so much "awww, I don't want this to end" but "how am I going to bring this thing to a satisfactory conclusion?" You don't want to be cheesy or cliched, but you want your reader to feel like this is an appropriate conclusion. I didn't like the way Stephen King ended the novel UNDER THE DOME, though the ending made sense. However, I thought the ending to HP AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE was good--shocking, but with a sense of purpose that set us up nicely for Book 7.

    All the best with your writing projects this week, Jess! I hope you find the perfect ending to your current project, and you manage to keep the words flowing for the SNI. :)


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