Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blog Me MAYbe: MAY I tell you something about my (child) self?

Happy May Day, everyone!  Today is the first day of the Blog Me MAYbe Blogfest, hosted by Sara, Katy, Cambria, Jessica, Tracey, Alexandra, Lola, and Alison.

The theme for Tuesdays is MAY I tell you something about myself?  

I'm going to try to focus on a different part of my life each Tuesday, so as not to bore you!

Thanks, Facebook, for getting my whole extended family to post baby pictures of me on the internet!

When I was younger, my grandfather used to call me Shirley Temple.  This picture, I think, is from that phase. 

Some facts about me when I was this age:
  • I loved whales.  A friend of the family did an "adopt a whale" thing for me; my whale's name was Patches.  We looked for him when we went to Cape Cod the summer I was four, and went whale watching, but no luck.  This was the phase of my life when I decided that I wanted to be a marine biologist (which startles people coming from a four-year-old.) 
  • I (shocker) loved to read and be read to.  I was reading some chapter books (mostly Carolyn Haywood and Beverly Cleary) before I started school.  My favorite books that my parents read me were Kay Chorao's Oink and Pearl books and The Josefina Story Quilt.
  • I was an only child for the first five years of my life, and I didn't go to preschool.  As a result, I had more than the usual number of imaginary friends. (I made my dad write out a list once.  It fills the length of a sheet of paper--in three columns.  That's in the archives, somewhere.)  Most of them were characters from TV shows--which, I realized later, means that I basically spent my toddler years making up fanfiction as I acted out stories with them. 


  1. Such a cute picture! :) That's impressive that you were reading chapter books so early. I have a copy of the book that I taught myself to read from. Pretty basic stuff, but worth hanging on to. :)

    1. Thanks! I think I sort of coasted on learning to read early and didn't learn anything else in the first several years of school--it still takes me like 30 seconds to tell time on an analog clock! :-p

  2. That picture is adorable! And my daughter looked just like Shirley Temple too when she was a toddler. Her grandpop bought her every video and we sang Animal Crackers and Good Ship Lollipop all the time. Now she's thirteen. *sigh*

    1. Thanks! Shortly after this...certainly by my first school picture...my mom decided that it would be really cute to give me one of those SHORT short haircuts. The curls never really came back. Now when I cut my hair to chin length I can coax it into curls pretty easily but I went through all of grade school lamenting the fact that I didn't have curls.

  3. Hi there!

    Fellow MAYbe blogger here, just popping by to say hi! And I am so glad I found your blog - am a new follower!

    These are so great (that pic is too adorable!) I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me, but was a pain when we were younger, so I too had a whole host of imaginary friends. Again, they were mainly from my favourite tv shows ... my personal favourite were Dicken and Colin from The Secret Garden film. I always had a thing for period pieces:)

    Cannot wait to read more!!


    1. I'm glad to find a fellow Frances Hodgson Burnett lover! Welcome to the blog!

  4. Lol aww!
    Just passing through for the Fest :-)

    New follower too, great post!

    Vix @ http://ttoria.blogspot.com


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