Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sunshine POSTPONED!

Sooooooooooo...February, huh? 

Ok, this has not been my greatest month as a blogger or writer.  Otherwise, things are great: SCBWI, awesome job, good books to read...but man, I've been super out of it.  If I was psychic, I would have posted at the beginning of the month about how I was only really gonna blog about books I've read and my compliment challenge, but sadly, my psychic powers have been on the fritz lately. 

Anyway, I'm gonna hold off on my reviews this week because I'm still halfway through Shades of Earth, and I want to post about the whole trilogy at once.  I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow. 

I can share my most recent compliments, though:

Tuesday, 2/19: Malinda Lo wrote a post on the five years since she got an offer from her publisher, and I commented to tell her how much I valued her writing and blogging.

Also Tuesday, 2/19 (because, OOPS, I forgot to do one on Monday!): I've mentioned the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour here before, but a few months ago they got a new producer, and I tweeted at her Tuesday after listening to her one-and-only (so far) on-mic appearance to tell her how fun she was to listen to.

Wednesday, 2/20: Buffalo's beloved hockey coach, Lindy Ruff, was fired Wednesday, much to my chagrin.  A college friend of mine, Spike Friedman, recently landed a column in Grantland covering sports with a comedic bent; I got in touch to tell him how much I liked his column and to say that I hoped he'd give Lindy a fond farewell for me.

Thursday, 2/21: Mr. S got sworn into the bar (he's now Mr. S, Esq!) and we went out for dinner to celebrate.  I had these semolina gnocchi that were the best restaurant dish I've had in Buffalo so far, so I asked the waiter to let the chef know how much I loved them.

Friday, 2/22: I had an exciting, invigorating meeting about upcoming stuff for work.  I met a woman there who also used to teach in NYC but now works at a college that partners with our school.  She was wearing a really cute sparkly blue sweater, so that day's compliment was an easy one!

Saturday, 2/23: We met my mother-in-law at the mall to do some shopping, and I complimented her totally stylish dark grey nail polish.

Sunday, 2/24: Another restaurant compliment, this time at a Cantonese place.  There are all these totally unassuming Chinese places in the suburbs of Buffalo that are just starting to put their regional cuisine menus into English--like, you drive into a shopping plaza with a Subway and a Chuck-E-Cheese, and if you know what you're doing, you can get good authentic Chinese food.  Don't get me wrong, I also love American-style Chinese, but living in New York we fell in love with dim sum and Szechuan food, so it's really exciting to find that here.  We went to one such place tonight and ordered WAY more than we could eat, so I think I must have explained five times how everything was DELICIOUS but we just had to take the rest home because we were too full!

That's my week in compliments--if you haven't joined in the Compliment Challenge yet, give it a shot this week!  Only a few days left in February!  And be sure to enter my Donors Choose gift card giveaway!


  1. February has been kind of a bust for blogging in my world too, so you're not alone. (Though, I think you were way better at hanging in there than I was.) March will be better, right? (I'm trying to convince myself too.)

    Congrats to Mr. S on being sworn in! That's awesome! :)

    1. Yeah--for once, I have lots of material to blog about (all the books I read for the Cybils, tons of quotes I wrote down at SCBWI) so I'm hoping in March I will have the time and energy to put it out there! At least I can tell myself spring is coming (although in Buffalo it's not safely spring until it's practically summer!)


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